In the Netherlands, sheep and goats are kept for the production of milk and wool, as well as for the hobby. In both cases, the animals must be healthy. Nutrition, care (including worm control) and hygiene are of great importance.

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Nutrition is especially important for sheep and goats that are kept for production. A lot is asked of the animals and problems such as persistent milk fever are a regular occurrence. The vitamin and mineral balance also requires attention. Of course, the diet of hobby animals is also of great importance, but because less is demanded from these animals, the animal’s needs are often less. In addition to nutrition, hygiene is also important. Housing hygiene, especially around lambs, helps to get young lambs off to a good start. But the quality of drinking water is also essential for animals to perform optimally.

We also think about every detail with sheep and goats, because It’s about details!

8 June 2021

Minerals for sheep

Voor een goede vruchtbaarheid, een verhoogde kans op een positieve dracht en vitale lammeren kan een juiste mineralenvoorziening invloedrijk zijn.