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Sheep programme

The bio health sheep programme was developed based on the knowledge that longevity and animal health of sheep (and goats) are closely intertwined.

Healthy sheep

We help sheep farms to produce in a sustainable fashion by keeping sheep (and goats) healthy, thereby lengthening the life-time productivity per animal. When things are about to go wrong, timely measures, on every detail, are important.

Also for sheep and goats it applies that a good eye for the details is required to obtain and maintain healthy livestock, because: It’s about details!

bio lambStart

The largest losses in lambs occur around birth. When ewes are underfed or overfed during the last part of gestation, the risk of underweight or overweight lambs increases. There are disadvantages to both situations: lightweight or weak lambs often don’t consume sufficient amounts of colostrum, and consequently may die of a variety of causes, like starvation and hypothermia. Overweight lambs, on the other hand, may experience a problematic birth process.

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bio optiSheep

Preceding the pasture or mating season, it is crucial to pay serious attention to the mineral supply status of your sheep. In these stages, it is of utmost importance to monitor the mineral metabolism, and to act when necessary. For this, several methods have been developed, such as a drench, a mineral bucket, or a mineral bolus.

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