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Swine programme

The past recent years, pig farming has been characterized by minimal margins and a lot of social pressure. In order to earn a good income despite the low returns, the technical results on a farm must be excellent. This can be achieved, among other things, when animal health is at a high level. The animal health of pigs thus forms the basis for a good operating result.

Health and vitality in pig farming is a priority!

Animal health of pigs starts at the birth of the piglets. Not only litter size but also the health and vitality of the sow and piglets must be given the highest priority. In fattening pigs, nutrition and digestion play an important role in animal health. Products such as organic acids are often used to optimize digestion, but the effectiveness of such products varies considerably in practice. Details play an important role here too.

Fertility of pigs is a logical consequence of good condition

Fertility is of great importance in sow farming and has a major impact on the operating result. Keeping the sow in good condition, with the correct nutrition at every stage of life, ensures that a sow becomes pregnant again on time and produces healthy piglets. An optimal vitamin and mineral balance is also essential and requires an eye for detail.

Optimal performance through proper hygiene

Hygiene must not be forgotten throughout pig farming. Cleaning and keeping the stable and equipment clean require attention. However, the drinking water must also be clean and free from any form of pollution to keep animals healthy and perform optimally.

We think about every detail, because it’s about details!