The advantages of drenching

There are many advantages of drenching. Drenching, the oral application of an adequate amount of liquids, is extremely suitable for sick cows, but also for fresh cows. A drench supplies the cow with water, often supplemented with salts and nutrients.  It is, therefore, an appropriate method to offer additional support to cows in risky times!

Dehydration in cows may occur in various situations. In many cases, drenching is easily applicable to give the cow an extra boost, by restoring the fluids metabolism.

There are many situations where drenching is a good method to support dairy cows, such as cows recovering after a caesarean section, cows suffering from diarrhoea, or cows after calving. In many of these cases, cows suffer from a lack of fluids (or are at risk of a fluid shortage), and drenching provides a quick solution. Symptoms of serious dehydration are deep-lying eyes and a skin that does not flatten after being squeezed. It is important to intervene before these signs occur.

Topro Rumen Drench

Drenching is therefore a good method for administering fluids at risky moments. The Topro Rumen Drench powder enriches the water that is being watered, with the main aim of stimulating the rumen activity. It is a specially formulated nutritional supplement that provides support for a weakened rumen function. It contains a combination of vitamins (including B1, B2, B6, B12), electrolytes, readily available phosphorus, and propionate.


  • Mix the contents of one sachet (500g) in 20L of lukewarm water. Introduce solution into the rumen using a drench or rumen pump. Repeat if necessary after 24 hours
  • Indications: low feed intake and/or rumination activity, dehydration, after calving, after surgery

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Stimulate feed intake

In addition to bringing the moisture balance up to standard, the aim is that the cow feels fitter through an improved rumen function and that feed intake is stimulated. Insufficient feed intake can quickly lead to problems, including not only a lack of energy, but also the development of a phosphorus deficiency. A phosphorus deficiency is the first to cause problems in the rumen, because phosphorus is essential for the proper functioning of the rumen microbes. A decrease in feed intake therefore has a negative influence on the function of the rumen microbes. This can affect the overall energy balance. It is therefore essential to take prompt action in case of loss of appetite and metabolic disorders by stimulating a healthy appetite and normalizing the activity of the rumen again.

Safe and easy drenching

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