Colostrum management; for the right start!

The quality of colostrum is vital for newborn calves. The calf is born with very little resistance, which makes it very susceptible to diseases. Only later does the calf produce its own antibodies and the active immunity starts. Colostrum contains immunoglobulins (IgG), which are absorbed directly into the blood and provide the calf with passive immunity. Passive immunity building is temporary and the immune system does not build memory with it.


The calf’s diet consists primarily of colostrum (first mother’s milk). At birth, the calf does not yet have antibodies and is therefore not protected against pathogens. The cow does not pass on these antibodies (immunoglobulins) through the placenta. These immunogobulins must therefore come from the colostrum and this is why this is of vital importance for the young calf. Of course the colostrum must be of good quality, but in practice this is not always the case. The quality can be measured well with a refractometer. This determines the dry matter percentage of the first milk and the proportion of immunoglobulins linked to this.

If colostrum quality is disappointing (less than 50 grams of IgG per litre, Brix value less than 22%), Topro Colostrum Pure can upgrade the colostrum of the dam. The table below lists the Brix value and the associated colostrum quality. In addition, the minimum amount of colostrum is also stated.

Topro Colostrum Pure complements the colostrum!

Colostrum Pure is produced with the aim of complementing the colostrum of the mother animal as well as possible. The product consists, among other things, of bovine colostrum with a yeast product. In addition, the necessary vitamins and trace elements have been added. Colostrum contains many immunoglobulins that are necessary for a good immune system. Immunoglobulins are antibodies that are absorbed in the intestines in the first hours after birth. In addition, colostrum contains a high content of fat and protein. This is important because calves need a lot of energy immediately after birth to maintain their body temperature.

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