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optiMilk – Drinking water quality

Drinking water quality deserves attention

Drinking water quality is extremely important for a well-functioning dairy cow. More than half of her daily ration consists of water and the production of 1 liter of milk requires considerably more than 1 liter of water. High-quality, fresh drinking water is a prerequisite for good milk production and cow health.

Water management

The main ingredient of milk is water! Water quality (and water supply) can therefore have a major effect on good feed intake and milk yield.

What is good water?

With the use of tap water you are assured of high quality drinking water. However, spring water is often also used. Spring water can be very useful, but can differ greatly in quality. Dirty water even has a negative effect on a healthy cow. The immune system is activated and this costs energy that is no longer used for milk yield. It is therefore valuable for highly productive animals to provide good quality drinking water.