Colostrum mix 500g

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Colostrum is of vital importance! It is the first nutrition for calves and lambs, and it’s essential for a good start. Colostrum contains many immunoglobulins, required for a proper immune status. Immunoglobulins are antibodies that are absorbed through the gut wall during the first hours after birth. Colostrum also contains high levels of fat and protein. This is important because newborn calves and lambs need a lot of energy to maintain their body temperature. Adequate uptake of colostrum by calves and lambs cannot always be taken for granted. Insufficient colostrum production, or a shortage of antibodies in the colostrum, may lead to inadequate colostrum consumption. Topro Colostrum mix to the rescue!

Topro Colostrum mix; Colostrum is of vital importance!

Topro Colostrum Mix is designed to replace colostrum, and is therefore an excellent supplement in case of shortages. The product consists of cow colostrum, whey protein powder, coconut oil, hydrolysed whey protein, and egg protein. Also, vitamins and trace elements have been added. The practical sachets – each containing 25 grams –  makes the product easy to administer in the correct dosage. Topro Colostrum mix is produced with the aim of supplementing the colostrum of the mother animal as completely as possible.

Dosage instructions

  • Lambs: Mix 25 grams of powder with 80 ml of warm water (45 degrees Celsius) until the powder is dissolved. Advice for very weak animals: mix 50 grams of powder with 120 ml of warm water. Administer the milk as soon as possible, preferably within a few hours of birth as maximum absorption of nutrients occurs during the first two hours of life.
  • Calves: In addition to the colostrum: add 200 grams of Topro Colostrum Mix to 1 liter of warm water (45 degrees Celsius). Stir until the product is completely dissolved. The exact amount of Colostrum Mix to add depends on the colostrum quality. This can be measured with the refractometer.

Our Colostrum mix is free from BVD, para tbc and IBR

Additional information

Item number


Target animal

Calves, sheep lambs, goat lambs, piglets


colostrum supplement for newborn lambs/calves


25 g powder in 80 ml warm water
for very weak animals: 50 g powder in 120 ml warm water


Oral, trough teat bottle

Active ingredients

Concentrated cow colostrum, whey protein, coconut oil, wheat protein and egg protein


0 days

GMP+ FSA-secured


Storage advice

Storage: keep cool, dry and out of the reach of children, protect from frost



Outer box

6 x 500g

Colostrum mix 500g

Artikelnummer: 110024
Inhoud: 500g
€ 108,02 excl. btw
€ 117,74 incl. btw
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