Hoof bolus 12 st.

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Product description

The Topro Hoof bolus is a dietetic mineral feed for cattle to support regeneration of trotters. This bolus stimulates hoof formation and the production of keratin thanks to the addition of zinc, vitamin E and biotin, among other nutrients. Keratin is an important protein complex for hoof care and hoof quality.

Topro Hoof bolus for healthier trotters

Zinc is necessary for the proper functioning of certain enzymes that control keratin formation. Vitamin E and biotin both play a role in hoof formation and also in enzyme formation for keratin production. Thanks to the slow release of trace elements and vitamins over an eight week period, the bolus contributes greatly to hoof quality and therefore to the cow’s well-being. The bolus is suitable for dairy cattle weighing 250 kg or more.

Dosage of Topro Hoof bolus

  • administer 1 bolus per animal
  • do not administer to cattle weighing less than 250 kg

Instructions for administration

  • Administer using a suitable bolus applicator
  • It is recommended that a veterinarian’s or nutritionist’s opinion be sought before use, with regard to:
    1. the balance of trace elements in the daily feed
    2. the status regarding the degree of trace elements
  • The bolus contains 16% inert iron in order to increase its density, where applicable
  • Simultaneous supplementation of additives with a maximum content from other sources to those incorporated in a bolus must be avoided

Additional information

Item number


Target animal



supports the regeneration of trotters and skin


1 bolus per animal


Oral, with a suitable bolus applicator

Active ingredients

zinc, vitamin E and biotin


0 days

GMP+ FSA-secured


Storage advice

Storage: keep cool, dry and out of the reach of children, protect from frost


12 boluses

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10 X 12 boluses

Hoof bolus 12 st.

Artikelnummer: 102149
Inhoud: 12 boluses
€ 104,95 excl. VAT
€ 114,40 incl. VAT
In stock