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New Topro website coming soon

We are currently updating our website so that you can navigate and order even more easily. In addition, we will give our knowledge base a more prominent place on the site. Here you can read more about recurring themes and points of interest at livestock farms.

The english version of the website and shop will soon be available. You can however still order Topro products trough our dutch webshop.


Topro Animal Health products have been available on the European market for years for professional livestock farming. We are a direct contact with livestock farmers and we know what is going on in the sector.

Sustainability, animal welfare, antibiotics reduction and environmental aspects are important themes that play a role in livestock farming.

As a knowledge partner of our dealers and livestock farmers, both in the Netherlands and abroad, we respond to these important social themes. We communicate our knowledge with the self-developed bio health programs and offer livestock farmers a solution for sustainable business operations.

Sustainable livestock is essential for the existence of livestock farms. An important part of the sustainability theme is the lifespan of animals. We are convinced that the sector can take a major step in terms of sustainability and profitability if the lifespan of animals can be extended.

Do you have questions about a specific theme or product? As a knowledge partner, Topro Animal Health is happy to think along with you. Due to the broad knowledge of our specialists, Topro Animal Health has all the knowledge in house to give you appropriate advice. There are many themes that require attention throughout the year.

Recurring topics include sustainability, profitability and solutions in livestock farming.

We think about every detail, because it’s about details!