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Topro Animal Health It's about details

Sheep & goats*

In the Netherlands, sheep and goats are kept for both milk production and wool, as well as for hobby purposes. In both cases, the animals must be healthy. The feed, care (including anti-worm treatment) and hygiene of sheep and goats are also essential.


Topro Animal Health sheep/goat programme: performance enhancing


Feed is particularly important for sheep and goats kept for production. After all, a great deal is required of these animals, and problems like persistent milk fever thus occur frequently. But vitamin and mineral levels also demand attention. The feed of hobby animals is of course also important, but because there is less pressure on these animals, their requirements are also less intense. In addition to feed, hygiene is also essential. Hygiene of the accommodations, especially at lambing time, helps to give young lambs a good start. But the quality of the drinking water is also essential to ensure animals perform optimally.


And for sheep and goats, too, an eye for detail is needed to ensure your animals are healthy, because it’s about details!


*Topro Animal Health is still working on its website. The programmes for sheep/goats will be added as soon as possible.