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Prevention is better than cure!
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Working hygienically is very important. It has been proven that hygiene during colostrum supply plays a key role in immunity support (Antonis et al. 2017).


Hygiene vitally important

A calf is born without any form of antibodies. After it leaves the protected environment of the womb, it is fully exposed to germs in the outside world. For this reason alone, it is necessary to assure good hygiene at calving. The calf must then arm itself against all sorts of bacteria. These antibodies are known as immunoglobulins. This is the collective name for large proteins that must be absorbed directly into the blood to activate the immune system. The intestines of a calf are created in such a way that the direct absorption only occurs in the first 24 hours. Ensure therefore that the colostrum is milked cleanly, without being mixed with other milk. The bucket and calving bucket in which the colostrum are placed must be clean (visually and bacteriologically). Prevent flies by using a lid on the bucket where necessary.



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