Calf rearing; basis for a sustainable livestock population
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Young cattle also need attention
A good start of the lactation is crucial
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Early dairy cattle drop-out costs money
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Bio health cattle


The bio health cattle programm has been developed with the idea that lifespan and animal health of dairy cattle are closely interwoven.



Keeping animals healthy

We help dairy farmers and others achieve sustainable production by keeping the animals healthy and therefore increasing the lifetime production per cow. If there are warning signs, timely adjustment of details can work wonders.



Healthy dairy cattle

We help dairy farmers to produce sustainably by keeping the dairy cattle healthy; thereby increasing life-time production per cow. When matters threaten to go wrong, timely adjustments on every detail are important.

Because, It’s about details!


bio calfStart

Feeding the young calf plays a major role in achieving a calving age of 23 months. It all starts  with good quality colostrum, but nutrition is also important in the follow-up process. In addition, hygiene and housing for dairy cattle play a major role.


bio juniorGrowth

From weaning until calving; the health of the calves and heifers is essential. Nutrition plays an important role; the right vitamins and minerals are of great importance in the diet.


bio lactoStart

Just before and at the moment a heifer or parous cow comes into lactation, all sorts of changes take place. These changes can cause a lot of stress for the cow; but also ration changes and moving the animals brings stress. The milk production starts, wich takes a lot of energy and sets all sorts of metabolic processes in motion. This is the moment when the cow needs extra support in order to perform optimally.


bio optiMilk

For a problem-free and optimal lactation several aspects require time and attention. For example, the claw health must be in order, which often is partly related to healthy nutrition. Good fertility is also important in order to ensure that the cow is dried on time and in preparation for the next lactation. Furthermore, udder health plays an important role during the lactation, but also during the dry period, in increasing the lifespan and life production of the cow. Attention must be paid to details in order to achieve optimal results.