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Topro Animal Health (Bio Enterprise) likes to deliver as quickly as possible. After receiving your order, it will be processed immediately and if possible sent the same day.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, deliveries are made within 24-48 hrs.

Delivery times to other European countries:

Country Max. delivery
Bulgary 120 hrs
Cyprus 48 hrs
Denmark 48 hrs
Germany 48 hrs
Estonia 120 hrs
Finland 96 hrs
France 48 hrs
Greece 96 hrs
Great – Brittain 48 hrs
Hungary 72 hrs
Ireland 72 hrs
Italy 72 hrs
Croatia 96 hrs
Latvia 120 hrs
Lithuania 96 hrs
Luxembourg 24 hrs
Malta 96 hrs
Austria 72 hrs
Poland 72 hrs
Portugal 72 hrs
Roemenia 120 hrs
Slovenia  72 hrs
Slovakia 72 hrs
Spain 72 hrs
Czech Republic 72 hrs
Sweden 72 hrs


Is your country not listed? Contact us for more information.